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Street Legal

For Only €60,- you can take your car or bike out on an official Quartermile dragstrip and test it’s performance in a safe and controlled environment.
(Entry fee includes Friday (all day) entry ticket and participation in Friday Night Street Legal event)
For participation in other categories and weekend ticket information please visit:

Quartermile is dedicated to giving all aspiring drivers a place to race safely. Whether you’re a hard-core racing enthusiast or just want to test your driving skills against others, we offer a fun and easy alternative to dangerous and illegal street racing. When participating in the Friday Night Street Legal with a street legal motorcycle or automobile, you will be able to race in a safer and controlled environment.

You don’t have to apply for a race licence, don’t need to own a supercar or even be experienced, most drivers who participate will be racing in daily driven road cars and bikes. All you need is a valid drivers licence, a helmet, a street legal vehicle and an entry ticket. You’ll be entitled to unlimited runs and you’ll receive a personal performance print-out (Time-Slip) with the following race information.

  • Reaction time (is the period from the green light illuminating to the vehicle leaving)
  • 60ft time
  • 1/8th mile time
  • 1/4 mile time
  • End speed (vehicle speed when passing the finish line)

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  • Only fully Street legal Cars and Bikes allowed
  • Only 100 participants accepted (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE)
  • Heads Up Racing, is the easiest to understand because both cars leave the starting line at the same time and the first to cross the finish line wins
  • Sportsman tree
  • APK/ TUF /MOT approved cars and bikes only
  • NO Wheelie bars
  • NO chassis mods allowed (Must retain original floor pan, firewall and chassis)
  • Subject to APK/TUF/MOT checks and tech inspections when deemed necessary
  • Tires with a valid E-label, DOT label, Drag Radial or Slicks are permitted for the front as well as the rear. All TREADED (street or strip) tires must have a minimum 1.6 mm off tread
  • Speed limits on the event ground is 10km, when caught going faster vehicle and driver will be removed from the event without any refund whatsoever

Event Schedule:
Event Venue opens at 8:00am
Street legal administration 3:00pm
Technical inspection 3:00pm
Street Legal races from 6:00pm till 10:00pm (weather and track conditions dependant)

Get in on time:
Some Street legal events are busier than others, longer waiting times can be expected. Please be aware that entry to the Street Legal events are sold on a first come first served basis as we can only run a certain amount of participants per event.

Don’t forget your:
Valid Drivers licence
Participation ticket


If a vehicle is found too dangerous to participate or a participant not complying to the rules, Quartermile officials reserve the right to withdraw it from the event on the grounds of the duty of care for others and the rider/driver.

The event organizer and race director’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


  • A full valid recognised driving licence is required to participate.
  • Before allowed to participate you need to visit the drivers office to register, sign a waiver and pay your entry fee (if not already paid by pre-registration).
  • Check your vehicle for leaks of any kind before running. Our tech personnel will check vehicles during tech inspection, if they spot anything you are not allowed on the track until the problem has been rectified.
  • Please ensure your vehicle is clean – particularly the tyres. The condition of the racing surface is crucial in drag racing so if you’re vehicle or tires are full of dirt or mud, track officials may ask you to go clean it before allowed onto the track.
  • Racer, crewmember found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be evicted from the event immediately without any refund whatsoever. This also applies for drive along passenger too.
  • The driver/rider must not be suffering from any medical condition, that may affect their ability to drive safely. The participant must not be pregnant or have had major surgery in the last 3 months.
  • Re-fuelling is only allowed in the pits and in a safe matter. Re-fueling in the staging lanes in strictly prohibited.
  • Any participant that have a problem on the track and/or thinks there is possibly a fluid leak, must stop directly at the side of the track (next to the wall). A safety crew member will check the vehicle and assist in removing from the track if required. The same applies if a participant comes into contact with the wall, loses control or spins.
  • Track officials maintain the right to refuse track access to any vehicle they deem to be unsafe.


  • Seat belts are mandatory.
  • Arm Restraints are mandatory for all open top and windowless vehicles.
  • A safety helmet that is fit for purpose is compulsory for all competitors. Exceptions to this rule are street cars running under 110mph. Helmets are compulsory in all open top vehicles regardless of speed.
  • The driver must declare that their vehicle is safe and complies with the necessary rules and regulations.  All vehicles taking part must be fit for the event.
  • Roll cages are strongly recommended for all vehicles running quicker than 12 seconds over a quarter mile.
  • A tube chassis is prohibited.
  • Roll-bar mandatory for Convertibles running 13.49seconds and faster.
  • SFI spec neck brace is recommended for all competitors using a helmet and compulsory for anyone travelling 130mph (210km) and faster.
  • It is recommended that there is a secondary braking system for all vehicles travelling 150mph (240km) and faster this can be a parachute or mechanical braking system in addition to a hydraulic system.
  • It is mandatory that all wheel nuts are in place and correctly fastened and click on wheel hubs removed!
  • All windows must be fully up and roof windows closed when on the Dragstrip.Passengers (Allowed in CARS ONLY)
    • Passengers must be minimum 18 years of age (ID required).
    • A maximum of one passenger at a time allowed in the front seat only.
    • Passenger rides are only permitted to vehicles travelling less than 130mph at the finish line.
    • Any Safety rules and regulations that counts for driver are also enforced on the passenger.
    • Any safety equipment worn by passenger must be of an equal level of the drivers.
    • Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) within the passenger seat at all times.
    • Seatbelt must be worn at all times until the car comes to a full and complete stop and it is safe to get out.
    • If the car stops for any reason, stay seated and await guidance from the driver or event officials. If for any reason you have to leave the car in an emergency please do so in a safe manner and always look out for the other race vehicle and support vehicles.


  • Bikers must wear crash helmet in combination with appropiate motorcycle/protective apparel. One-piece or two-piece zip-togehter suits made from suitable materials. Motorcycle boots and gloves are mandatory. ALL limbs need to be suitably covered.
  • The rider must declare that their vehicle is safe and complies with the necessary rules and regulations.  All vehicles taking part must be fit for the event.
  • No passengers allowed.



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