All New in 2018, All Stars ET-SERIES 

The Quartermile ET-Series event is a NON LICENSED EVENT!

Early bird Entry Fee €.325,-  
Prize Money €10.000 (at 150 paid participants).

Early bird fee till April 30th €325
Late Entry fee May 1st till June 1st €400
No subscription on location possible!

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ET Dial- in racing (also known as E.T. or BRACKET or HANDICAP racing) allows cars and motorcycles of different speeds and power to fairly race against each other with the help of a dial-in. The object of this race is to predict how many seconds it will take your car to get to the finish line, then try to run as close to the that dialed-in number as possible. Each driver chooses his or her own dial- in time witch is generally displayed on one or more windows so the start-crew can adjust the starting lights on the christmas tree accordingly. The slower car will then get a head start equal to the difference in the two dial-ins, so if both cars perform perfectly, they would cross the finish line at the same time. If either car goes faster than its dial-in time (this is called breaking out), he loses the race regardless of who has the lower elapsed time. If both cars break out, the one who breaks out by the smallest amount wins. Drivers who finishes the pass closest to their dialed in number, is the winner of the race.

  • All Cars and Bike Categories allowed (NO JR’s)
  • Cars vs Cars
  • Bikes vs Bikes
  • Must run 6.99 to 11.99 to Qualify for competition on Sunday
  • Random pairings
  • Ladders produced for the last 8
  • All electronics allowed
  • 1/4 Mile distance
  • Sportsman Tree
  • First round only “buy back” €100 (payment must be made at drivers desk before the start of buy back rounds)
  • Buy back racers vs buy back racer before entering second round eliminations



In the standard racing format, the losing car and driver are removed from the contest, while the winner goes on to the next level to race other winners, until only one racer is left. Winners of the All Star ET Series receive trophies and money prizes.


Thursday July 5th:

3:00pm                      Venue opens for participants
5:00pm-8:00pm      Technical inspection

Friday July 6th:
8:00 am                      Technical inspection
9:00am – 5:00pm     Open qualifying runs

Saturday July 7th:
9:00am – 5:00pm     Open qualifying runs

Sunday July 8th:
9:00am – 6:00pm    Sunday Nock-Out Bracket competition (6.99 to 11.99 dial in only)



The organiser deems the right to alter or add to the rules prior to the event if necessary.


  • The All Stars ET SERIES class is an all run field. (All classes/categories allowed)
  • A full valid recognised road driving licence or an official race licenses like (MSA/FIA/FIM/ACU/KNAF/KNM) is required to participate.
  • Before allowed to participate visit the drivers office for registration and sign the waiver.
  • The Race Director/Promoter retains the right to refuse track access to any vehicle they deemed unsuitable, with no refund whatsoever.
  • All style tyres permitted. (All TREADED or street or strip tires must have a minimum off 1.6 mm off tread)
  • Unlimited qualifying runs available on Friday and Saturday
  • Cars Qualified within the 6.99 seconds to 11.99 seconds will advance to Sundays’ eliminations rounds.
  • Until the final 8th, all pairings and lanes will be drawn at random for each elimination round.
  • Ladder will be created for the Final 8th of each class. (Car/Bike)
  • All official general racing rules of MSA/FIA/FIM/ACU will apply such as first or worst, red lights, boundary infringements and staging rules etc.
  • From staging to starting lane, a 30 seconds rule applies, the Starters decision is final.
  • The ET-Series must have a minimum of 150 paid entry field to activate the €10.000 prize fund structure.
  • The race director’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.


  • The All Stars ET SERIES class is an all run field. (All classes/categories allowed)
  • Seat belts are mandatory.
  • Arm restraints are mandatory for all open top and windowless vehicles.
  • A safety helmet that is fit for purpose is necessary for ALL competitors.
  • The driver must sign a waiver and declare that their vehicle is safe and complies with the necessary rules, regulations and fit for purpose of the event.
  • Roll cages are strongly recommended for all vehicles running quicker than 12 seconds over a quarter mile.
  • An SFI spec neck brace is recommended for ALL competitors using a helmet and compulsory for anyone running the 1/4 mile (402 meter) in 130mph (209km) and faster.
  • It is recommended that there is a secondary braking system for all vehicles running the 1/4 mile (403 meter) faster than 150mph (240km), this can be a mechanical braking system in addition to a hydraulic system or a parachute.
  • A 5-point harness is strongly advised for all vehicles reaching 145mph+ (230km +).
  • A HANS device is strongly advised for vehicles reaching 170mph (279km) and faster.
  • It is highly recommended that all fuel systems and tanks are separated from the driver. There should be at least a bulkhead between the driver and the fuel lines and tank. The safety rules and equipment required are the same as any MSA/FIA/KNAF race event.
  • All vehicles will be technical inspected in accordance to their regulair class


  • The All Stars ET SERIES class is an all run field. (All classes/categories allowed)
  • Bikers have to wear crash helmet in combination with appropriate motorcycle apparel. One-piece or two-piece zip-togehter suits are recomended, made from suitable materials. Motorcycle boots and gloves are mandatory.
  • All Bikes will be technical inspected in accordance to their regulair class

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